Socket Grafting


A socket graft is a bone graft procedure in which the socket, or “hole” present in your jawbone when the tooth is extracted, is filled with bone either at the time of extraction of a hopeless tooth or in conjunction with an immediate implant (i.e. when an implant is placed the same day as the tooth extraction). With immediate implants, this may be necessary to fill a small gap in the bone surrounding the implant site.

Case Study 1

Patient presents with upper right canine fractured off at the gum line – tooth has a hopeless restorative prognosis so it was decided to be extracted in preparation for a dental implant


The tooth was atraumatically extracted. However, there was a minimal amount of bone present on the front portion of this extraction socket so it was decided to complete a socket graft to prepare the site for a dental implant

Socket graft completed using allograft bone particles (human bone) and a collagen membrane (a fancy “band-aid” that helps hold the bone graft in place and protect it during initial healing).  Four months later an implant was successfully placed in this site.



Case Study 2

Patient presents to Dr Weiner’s office with her crown fractured off at the gum line. The fractured tooth has a hopeless prognosis, necessitating extraction. Additionally, notice how the gum height on the fractured tooth is much higher (black line) than the adjacent central incisor (blue line). The socket graft in this case will serve two purposes: (1) maintain the existing bone dimension and (2) allow for correction of this gingival discrepancy by pulling the gums on the fractured tooth down lower to mirror the adjacent tooth and improve aesthetics.


Three months later a dental implant was placed in the regenerated bone. Notice the much improved bone width following the socket graft


Implant placement


Three months later, the implant was uncovered and a temporary abutment placed. The patient returned to her restorative dentist to have a fixed temporary crown screwed into place. Note the correction of the gum level discrepancy, placing the gums in a more ideal position at the time of socket grafting allowed for a more aesthetic final restoration.


Temporary implant supported crown was placed by the general dentist