Please enjoy the  “Love The Gums You’re With” video above to learn more about the importance of periodontal health and how you can have caring, lifelong relationship with your gums by visiting a periodontist like Dr. Weiner.  

See an abbreviated summary of this campaign below and visit for more information:

If you open your heart, mind, and mouth to your gums, they’ll love you back. That’s a perio promise. In fact, a little extra love and affection can leave you with a smile that you’ll be proud to flash. The alternative is not so warm and fuzzy – and includes stuff like swollen, tender gums and breath that’s not so hot. So keep your gums top-of-mouth, and never, under any circumstances, take them for granted. Because they have a way of knowing when you do. They’re sensitive like that.

Some types of gum disease can be severe and may be linked to more serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes or respiratory problems. Feel free to talk to Dr. Weiner about the connection between your gums and your health. There are lots of ways to treat gum problems, from the minor to the more severe. You just have to take the first step.