Exposure of Impacted Teeth

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What is a surgical exposure?
When a tooth fails to erupt through the bone and gums, it is called an impacted tooth. This commonly occurs with upper canine teeth.

To correct this problem, your orthodontist will work closely with Dr Weiner, who will locate your impacted, “hiding” tooth and “expose it” by attaching an orthodontic bracket to the tooth  This will allow your orthodontist to guide the hidden tooth into the correct position.

Why is it important?
It is important to treat an impacted tooth to prevent improper eruption of or damage to neighboring teeth.  In some cases, impacted teeth may cause cyst formation, infection, and other negative changes in the area.

Does a canine exposure hurt?
A canine exposure is a straight-forward procedure where, after numbed, a small incision is made and the gums are pushed back to allow Dr Weiner to find your impacted tooth. After the tooth is visualized, an orthodontic bracket is cemented to the tooth and dissolving stitches are placed. Sometimes, Dr Weiner may elect to place a fancy Band-Aid over the site to help with post-operative discomfort. The area of the tooth exposure will be tender for 4-5 days but should not prevent your child from attending school or any related activities the following day.